Set the brake lights on your Polaris Slingshot to flash and pulse with this flash modulator. Adjustable timing.

Brake Light Flash Modulator. Ambulance type flashing brake lights.
After driving behind a new ambulance recently, I noticed that the brake lights did 3 ‘rapid fire’ blinks within about a second. It got my attention and knew this is what riders need to let other drivers know they are there.

The Brake Light Flash Modulator is adjustable in both the speed of the flash and the duration. You can create it to have the 3 ‘rapid fire’ blinks or you can have ‘rapid fire’ blinks for 5 seconds.

You can also keep set it to the standard blinking rate like most other modulators do. You pick the speed of flashes and how long they flash.

Superflash is designed to work with the Polaris Can-bus electrical system. This is the simplest safety feature you can add to your Polaris Slingshot!